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Master HairExtensions.

Hair extensions are our expertise and specialty. We provide a full journey from the consultation and walking you through the steps from coloring and cutting if it is needed to match before putting the hair extensions to blend it with your natural hair and create the most natural result. 

History shows the long hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty. If you struggle to grow your hair or your hair never seems to pass a certain length and it is too thin, then hair extensions is the solution. If you need to curl and style your hair constantly to create a volume probably you need to stop damaging your hair and start thinking about an alternative solution.

We provide our customers with one of the best and the safest hair extensions in the market. We use premium hair extensions without heat or sewing or braiding. We carry one of the finest luxurious quality of hair extensions, 100% human hair that come from India “https://www.hotheads.com/heartforindia”. (All hair cuticles facing the same direction) Indian hair is similar in structure to Caucasian hair texture which makes it easier to blend with multiple hair textures and it has never been exposed to any strong chemical treatment. It is reusable up to six months, taking them out for retap will take a fraction of time of regular hair extensions without any hair damage.

Our hair extensions are uniquely designed to lay totally and undetectable in the hair. You can wear it straight or wavy, the water will activate a slight body wave which makes our extensions integrate perfectly with your own hair. Our hair extensions allow you to practice your hair daily routine including washing, blow drying, curling or even having it back in a ponytail without the worry about the visibility of your hair extensions. You can treat them just like your natural hair, no need for extra work.

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Betty Ben - Master Hair Stylist

Betty is a highly talented  master hairstylist with over 12 years of experience.  Betty was born to and raised by a known family of hair and fashion stylists. Betty sought training world wide with a high-end French training institution to master her skills. She has the skill to work with  various hair extensions options using one of the highest and finest hair extensions on the market. 100% REMY premium genuine natural hair. Betty maintains to build a high reputation in Washington DC area and a great relation with her clientele. 

“I love beauty, fashion and  creativity and l feel incredibly blessed that I’m doing what I love the most and lucky to build a good reputation and that’s my career that resonates with me so perfectly.”

Her substantial training extended to mastering: Hair extensions, balayage , highlights, color corrections ,cutting and updos to create the most natural look with hair extensions. 

Hair extensions is her true passion and she believes that every woman deserves to be beautiful and have the hair of her dreams .Nothing less than perfect and outstanding is acceptable.


Alternative ways to help your hair growth

Massaging or coming softly your scalp increases the blood circulation of the scalp. And that helps your hair to grow faster.

How to manage long hair

Brushing a long hair can be always more challenging then shorter hair, but if we used the right brush from the bottom to the top slowly, it will be a lot easier and better for your hair.

Make small changes

Sleeping on silk pillow always better for your hair because the softness of the pillow helps your hair not to get tangled.

Change your habits

Sleeping with wet hair is never a good idea. When the water stays on the hair for while it tends to dry and freezes. A lot of women tend to wash their hair daily, it becomes just part of their daily routine. Washing your hair everyday tends to make it weaker and frizzier.

Contact Information.

You can find me here:
1146 19th Street NorthWest Washington DC, 20036

Phone:  (202) 775 1999  
Text: (540) 413 7290  

Monday to Friday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm EST
Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm EST

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Yelp Reviews
  •   I've never been so happy with my hair. It's just too thin. And I can do much with it. After doing a lot of research I decided to see Betty for consultation. She was very knowledgeable and Reasonable about her pricing as well!!
    I can say enough to thank her my hair look just great thick and healthy  and the most important natural.
    Thanks for your great job

    thumb Kelly N.
  •   So happy to have found Betty! While traveling I needed an extension touchup and she was able to squeeze me in the same day! She was so thorough and knowledgeable, if only I lived here in DC she'd definitely be my go to gal! Thanks again, Betty!

    thumb Nicole G.
  •   Betty is just amazing!! She not only does incredible work with extensions, she is the only person that has gotten my hair to the platinum blond balayage that I've wanted without damaging it. I'm a 6-7 level blond. And the color grows out so nicely, this last time lasted four months. I'm also grateful that she can color, process, and style my hair in just over 2 hours. Thank you, my dear, see you in a couple months!

    thumb Jody D.
  •   Always struggle with thin and very fine hair. I was looking for natural solutions, there's really nothing out there. And the older I'm getting the worse my hair is getting. Untill I I met Betty.
    She was very knowledgeable and she advised me to have a hair extensions so I can have a thicker hair and more natural fuller look.
    The results was absolutely amazing. I'm so happy. Finally I feel like I have the hair of my dreams. BETTY is the best.

    thumb Sara J.
  •   Betty is Brillant!
    Brilliant in personality and in her professionalism.

    This was my first experience with tape- in extensions. I have had traditional full and partial weave, glue- in extensions, and NBR ( natural beaded rows).  Tape- ins are truly flawless without the straining weight to hair strands and scalp.

    What sets Betty apart from the competition is how very thorough she is in explaining the process, upkeep, and answering any questions or concerns regarding the hair extension system.  
    Not only that, so very accommodating in appointment scheduling and promptness to service.  A true win!

    thumb Fatihma H.
  •   Betty is by far the best! I came to her years ago with an embarrassingly bad dye job and she not only exceeded fixing my color but also helped to get my hair healthy and long again! It was so helpful that she recommended great products for me to use at home, and she also used amazing products that worked well for my then damaged locks. I could feel a difference in such a short time! As I was sitting in her chair one day curious about hair extensions she provided me with all the information I needed and even showed me techniques, such as using two different colors to work as highlights instead of having to color my hair any further as I was working on getting my hair strong again. I have never been this happy with my hair as I am now. There are so many salons in DC which can make it hard to find the right place and person to trust with your hair but Betty is truly a perfectionist in per profession. Her kind and funny personality make it so enjoyable to see her for appointments. If you are thinking about hair extensions and/or color, you must see Betty! You will leave absolutely loving your hair and wishing you had come to her sooner!

    thumb Nicole M.
  •   I vividly remember the first time I had my hair done with Bety- that was nearly six years ago. I have never looked back ever since. One does not come across a lot of stylists who know how to work on long, thick and silky hair. Every visit to a stylist prior to meeting with Bety always was a disappointment. I now only and exclusively go to her and her alone. Bety has helped me find a style that suits me and one that I'm comfortable with. Besides her excellent customer service, expertise on hair and colour, she is an extremely friendly person. I've developed such a good rapport with her. Bety is more than just a stylist, she's the ultimate package!!

    thumb Vanlal H.
  •   Betty has been doing my hair for the past several years--and has never looked better. I am a challenging client.   I'm a professional in my 50s with fine, straight hair.  When I first came to Betty my hair was fried from bad perms (a huge mistake).  She recommended tape extensions to give my own hair a break from excessive styling.  She was so patient with me as we explored the right length and color.   She takes very good care of me.   I was concerned about hair loss due to the extensions and, to put me at ease she had me drop by every few weeks just to check.  Now some 3 years later my own hair is healthy, shiny and just past my shoulders.  I still use a few tape extensions for volume.  
    Betty is a Professinal.  She does her homework, keeps current in her field and has lots of experience. She's as good as it gets!!!

    thumb Laura J.
  •   Betty is So Amazing!  She transformed my hair from wimpy and drab to gorgeous!  I won't go to anyone else to have my hair done.  Highly highly recommend!!  Carlene

    thumb Carly C.
  •   This review is for Betty - who is quite simply the best there is! I found Betty due to her amazing reviews from other clients so I felt it was only right to pay it forward.

    I first came to Betty in summer 2016 when I was in desperate need of a new hair stylist and had tried several salons around the DC area. At the time, I really hated my hair and it was very damaged from over-processing and too much flat-ironing. Immediately Betty makes you feel at ease - she is warm, very sweet and friendly, and she assures you that she'll work with you to achieve the look you want. She listens to what you're thinking but she will also be honest with you and tell you what she believes will work best.  

    Betty suggested that I try some extensions, which I was extremely hesitant about.  I am so glad I took her advice.  I had always thought that they would damage your hair, but my hair has actually gotten so much healthier over time and I can actually say now that I love my hair.  She also helped me tone down the color and feel really comfortable and more self confident with my hair.  I now go to Betty every couple of months and I would never go elsewhere.

    Betty is not only very talented, she also truly cares about her clients and takes pride in her work.  I can't recommend her highly enough!

    thumb Melissa S.

Google Reviews

Bahadır Dilber
Bahadır Dilber
00:12 21 Oct 18
after doing a lot of research finally I decided to see BETTY for my hair. my hair is pretty thin and its hard for me to style it because it is always flat and it has no volume. I have tried a lot of products but nothing really worked. So I was hoping to find a solution. She suggested me hair extensions and which was the only way to make it look thicker. I have decided to try it since she has them in her hair and it looks really natural. I am very happy with my decision and it was little bit more than what I wanted to spend but it is really worth it.
Fati Benlaassri
Fati Benlaassri
02:06 19 Oct 18
Having a thin hair was always a challenge for me. Untill I meet BETTY. She’s very talented and patience. She took her time to show me all the hair Lengh and the shade. She was suggesting the color will suit me the most. I just trusted her. And the result was great!! I love my new look. I’m definitely going back. And I highly recommend her.
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